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The Edinburgh Chinese Community School was established in September 2000. With the charitable support of our friends and parents of our students, the school has been thriving and has been providing high quality Chinese education for the local Scottish community ever since.

Apart from the Cantonese & Mandarin language classes for children, there are also arts & culture classes, such as learning the Chinese musical instruments of Guzheng and Erhu, Chinese traditional dance, recital of poems and drawing for those interested. Our language classes run from primary one to SQA exam level classes. We also run adult Mandarin, Erhu, Guzheng, Dance, and Tai Chi classes.

Time: Languages classes : 12:45pm – 3pm; Arts and Culture classes : 10:20am – 12:30pm; More information is available on our school website.

Address: Liberton High School, 328 Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh, EH17 7PT

Start date of next term: 10th September 2022.

The student registration form is available from the school website www.eccsonline.com. Please email info@eccsonline.com for more information.


爱丁堡爱侨中文学校于 2000 年 9 月成立。承蒙各界热心人士和家长们长期而坚 定的支持, 学校得以蓬勃的发展, 为苏格兰社区提供优质的中国文化教育。本校 一向以多元的活动来推广中国文化,除了儿童广东话和普通话班之外,还开办 了古筝,二胡,舞蹈,朗诵,及画画班供学生选择。我们的语言 班从小学一年级一直到大学入学的考试班。我们也开办成人普通话,二胡,舞 蹈,古筝,和太极班。

上课时间: 星期六下午 12:45-3:00 (语言课); 星期六上午 10:20-12:30 (文化 及艺术班);请查看学校网站了解更多信息。

上课地点: Liberton High School, 328 Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh,EH17 7PT


有兴趣报读者,请到我们学校网站 www.eccsonline.com 下载学生申请表, 或者发 邮件到 info@eccsonline.com 咨询信息。

Charity No. SCO30510

Email: info@eccsonline.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ECCSchool