About Us

The Edinburgh Chinese Community School was established in September 2000.

With the philanthropic support of our friends and parents of our students, the school has been thriving and is providing good quality Chinese education for local Scotland community.

Apart from the Cantonese & Mandarin language classes for children, there are also arts & culture classes on offer such as Chinese musical instrument — GuZheng, Traditional Dance, Kungfu and Drawing for those interested. We also have adult Mandarin, Dance and Tai Chi classes.

Our classes are on most Saturday during the term dates at Liberton High School. Our time table is as follow: –

Languages classes : 12.45pm – 3pm;  

Art and Culture classes : 10:30am – 12:30pm;

If interested, please feel free to enroll, visit the school or contact us by phone (Headteacher Mr.Liu  075 0080 7476, Mandarin; Deputy Headteacher Ms.Chiu Mei Li, 075 8880 1865, Cantonese or email: headteacher@eccsonline.com). We look forward to hearing from you!


愛僑中文學校於二000九年成立。通過各界熱心人士和家長們的支持, 學校一直蓬勃發展, 為蘇格蘭社區提供優質的中國文化教育。本校向以多元活動推廣中國文化,除了兒童廣東話和普通話班外,更設有古箏、舞蹈、畫畫及功夫班供學生選擇。我們也有成人普通話,舞蹈班和太極班。

上課時間:星期六下午12.45-3.00 (語言課); 星期六上午 10:30-12.30 (文化藝術班)

上課地點 : Liberton High School,  328 Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh EH17 7PT

有興趣報讀者,歡迎致電(劉歡鶴校長,075 0080 7476, 普通話;劉肖媚副校長,075 8880 1865; 電郵 headteacher@eccsonline.com) 或親臨本校查詢。

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Charity No. SCO30510

Email: info@eccsonline.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ECCSchool