Chinese Classes 中文課

Cantonese 1 傅周雪俐 Sue Fu
Cantonese 2 馬桂玲 Dominie Ma
Cantonese 3 陳慧英 Daisy Chan
Cantonese 4 吳惠萍 Wai Ping Ng
Cantonese 5 張妙娟 Jenny Zhang
Cantonese 6 劉肖媚 Chiu Mei Li
Cantonese 8/9 陳小菁 Rebecca Chan
Mandarin 1 常萌 Sissy Spence
Mandarin 2A 月香 Yuexiang You
Mandarin 2B Ran Ruan
Mandarin 3 杨建玲Jie Yang
Mandarin 4 Sophia Yulirun Shao
Mandarin 5 Pian Zhang
Mandarin 6 Kelly Huang
Exam N5 + Higher Mandarin 李小君 Lisa Li
Exam N5 + Higher Cantonese 張浩南 H. N. (Amy) Cheung
Mandarin Adult Beginners/Lower Intermediate 张欣然 Xinran Zhang
Mandarin Adult Intermediate/Higher Intermediate 趙晉緯 Jinwie (John) Zhao
Mandarin Adult Advanced  李菁 Jenny Jing Li Hu

Languages classes : 12.45pm – 3pm;  

Download ECCS 2018/2019 Calendar, here

Download an application form for language classes here.

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