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3 September 2018

Dear Parents/ Students,

We hope you had a good summer break and are looking forward to starting Chinese class and/or other activities in our school on 15 September

As most of you probably aware, our school offers various arts and culture classes as well as Mandarin and Cantonese language classes. For further details, please visit the school website:

The School will be starting a music ensemble group in September this year which will include both Chinese and western musical instruments. All parents and children are welcome to join the group. The group will practice every Saturday during the school term at 11.30am. A basic standard assessment for those interested in becoming a member of the group will be made by a group of experienced musicians. For further inquiries, please contact our Deputy Headteacher May Li or Secretary of the Executive Committee Tammy Wong.

Please also be advised that the School will offer a free half hour Mandarin conversation class every Saturday during the school term dates at 12 noon. This is particularly suitable for those students who do not have the opportunity to practice Mandarin speaking at home.

We are pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback about the children finding the school has become a more attractive place since the introduction of a 20 minute break time along with additional games and activities lead by parent volunteers during the break time. Thank you for the hard work of those volunteers. It would be great if we could have more parents, who are willing to, helping out during the break time so that the workload can be shared. If you are willing to become a volunteer and assist break time games/activities/management, please do not hesitate to let us know by emailing or speaking to our Deputy Headteacher May Li /Secretary of the Executive Committee Tammy Wong. No experience is required as there are many experienced volunteers who will guide you through the tasks required.

Please find attached, the current school calendar. For your information, 22 September 2018 was initially scheduled as a school day, however, we have since been advised that there will be a community open day at Liberton High School on that day, which will use up all of the space at the school premises. As a result, we have decided to have 6 April 2019 as a school day instead of 22 September 2018. As we are a community school, we will be actively participating in the community open day on 22 September 2018 through arts and crafts stall, various performances and also arts and culture workshop. We hope you will be able to join and support the event by coming along!

Finally, if you are a returning student, we would appreciate it if you bring back your existing textbook and exercise book back to school as some of the classes will continue teaching the unfinished remaining topics from last year.


The Edinburgh Chinese Community School





1. 有一定的乐器演奏基础,能够通过合奏队资深团员的简单评核
2. 能够出席每周六上午 11:30 的合奏队排演练习
3. 有意者请与刘肖媚副校长或者黄雅晴校董会秘书联系咨询

1. 时间:每周六中午 12:00
2. 适应人群:缺乏语言环境的普通话学习者

在过往的学习中,我们很高兴得到家长们的认可和帮助。课间休息的游戏活动得到了很多家长和同学们的喜爱,在这里爱侨感谢每一位投身课间活动的家长志愿者朋友们,感谢你们的无私付出,給孩子们带来的无限欢乐。这学期,我们希望能有更多的家长投入到课间休息活动的安排和组织中来,请有兴趣的家长朋友们发送邮件至 报名,或者直接联系刘肖媚副校长或黄雅晴秘书。大家一起努力,让孩子们更加开心的享受在爱侨的快乐时光。

本学期将于 9 月 15 日正式开学,请各位家长同学务必详细阅读附件里面的学期安排。曾就读爱侨的同学们,请于 9 月 15 日携带现有教科书和练习册来报到开学。原定于 9 月 22 日的课程,由于和 Liberton High School 的社区开放日相冲突,将被取消。取而代之的是 2019 年 4 月 6 日将作为一个新的上课时间,来补偿缺失的教学天数。

9 月 22 日的社区开放日,爱侨作为参展一席,将会进行传统手工,艺术表演,文化展示等相关一些列活动,也希望有兴趣的家长和同学们积极参与支持。


2018 年 9 月 3 日


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