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The Liberton High School has notified us that the Edinburgh Council had made plans on staged return for students to go back to schools and that we will not be able to use the venue in September. However, the Council will indeed review their plans in October and decide when weekend school students may return to schools. As a result, the Edinburgh Chinese Community School Board has decided to run the school online from 5th September until further notice.

Liberton高中通知我们,爱丁堡市政府已经制定了让学生分阶段返回学校的计划,因此我们将无法在9月份租用他们的学校。然而, 爱丁堡市政府也将在10月份重新评估,届时他们将决定是否允许周末学习的学生重返校园。爱丁堡爱侨中文学校董事会因此决定从9月5日开始展开线上教学,直至另行通知为止。

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